A Russian Mi-24 Hind destroyed by ISIS after an emergency landing in the desert

On November 4, 2016 Russian Ministry confirmed an attack on one of their helicopters in the desert east of Homs which would in fact be somewere around Palmyra.

It is unclear what was used to disable the Russian Mi-24 Hind helicoper and there are sources claiming a ATGM was involved which can not be confirmed from our side at this time since the video lacks a visible ATGM approaching the helicopter slowly and the sound and damage effect of the fired projectile has more similarities to a recoilless rifle such as an SPG-9.

There is no report about actuall casualties on the Russian side but it is notabel that a second MI-8 transport helicopter just took of in time before the MI-24 was hit limiting the number of valuable targets for the ISIS attackers and picking up Russian military personnel that could in fact be the two Hind pilots making the number of human casualties zero.

The video was released on November 4, 2016 but the attack most likely occured one day before making it November 3, 2016.