“Russian Helicopters“ presented new prototype of Mil Mi-H3 (Mи-X3) at MAKS Airshow 2015


Russian Helicopters plant showed new project, prototype of the Mil Mi-H3 (Ми-Х3) at MAKS Airshow, the biggest international airshow in Russia which just started. This prototype will be used for flying lab.

Mil Mi-H3 (Ми-Х3) is based on older attack helicopter Mil Mi-24/35 Hind, and main goal is development of new  helicopter line of technologies. There are more works on this prototype which following soon. Based on Mil Mi-35, flying lab will have retractable landing gears. Some of the following works on the program will be performed by “Rostvertol” company, responsible for the restoration of airworthiness (complex overhaul of the helicopter) flying laboratory prototype.