Croatia is selling Hinds, anybody interested ?

Based on a web site (Agency Alan), Croatia is selling 7 x Mi-24 Hind, 6 x PC-9 trainers, 2 x An-32B Cline transport planes to highest bidders.

Its not a question if Croatian Hinds are still in good condition. They are not in flyable condition almost ten years. Maybe Ukraine AF could buy them for a parts…who knows.

HR Mi-24 01

Mil Mi-24V


One of Antonov An-32B Cline is overhauled few years ago and lets say modernized, so it must be in good condition. Cline have systems to avoid missiles, ICAO compatibly,…




If you are interested for any of listed hind, or PC-9 Pilatus trainers, or maybe for transport  Antonov An-32B Cline, you can check this link


PC-9 Pilatus